College Knowledge With Vaughn Toland


At the Student Success Center, he informed the young journalists helpful college information to help them start planning a bright future for college and for life. He taught methods to stay on top of things, use time management, showing what colleges are looking for, and more!


Right now, you can prepare for your college future! Consistently scoring good grades and putting your studies before fun will raise your GPA to help you to be academically prepared for college. Various colleges will peer at your social media, so you should take caution in you put on the internet because it can affect your future. Colleges also look for students that are “well rounded” which means you are involved in a wide spread of activities, like playing sports, instruments, and community service. Toland explained,“It’s all about that work ethic.”


Vaughn Toland’s parents never could afford a college education for themselves, so Toland couldn’t discuss college with them. He did once want to be a basketball player, then a pilot but once he knew that he didn’t have those special skills to continue his dreams. V. Toland never once thought about his future. Both of Vaughn’s parents at no time made it to college, so that’s when he started to take a stand to go to college and have a successful future. He took many student loans and finally made through The University of Boulder and The University of Denver. No matter how much money is in the bank, anyone can make it through college.


MSU describes itself as a “liberal college” Accepting many out of its 20.000 applicants and anyone not accepted either chose another college or didn’t finish applying. Colorado residents 20 years or older who graduated high school are almost all accepted into MSU Denver. MSU Denver is very easy to get into so any resident should have MSU Denver in the back of their heads. Vaughn elaborated, “I really feel that you don’t have to be super-smart to go to college”