Fitness is Valued on the Auraria Campus


Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Associate Director of Campus Recreation and personal trainer Louie Morphew says that the Auraria campus is one of the only campuses that support three colleges. For the main rec room, students, faculty and staff, and community participants can use their RTD cards to get in. Students at the University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Denver pay $5.00 per semester and MSU students pay $30.00 a semester. At the outdoor adventure center you can rent a canoe for a day for $15.00 and at REI it would cost $100.00. The outdoor adventure center also goes canyoneering in Moab, Utah and they do ice climbing but only for the students. They can also rent out tents and do overnights for the weekend. For $40.00 dollars a semester faculty, staff can get an all-inclusive membership.

In the rec building, they have an entire pool that sits empty. The repair costs are estimated at $1,000,000 to fix leakage. The pool has been closed for two years because the pool was leaking in to the church/gallery next door.
In the fitness loft, they have 15 spin bikes and 8 free motion machines. At the gym they have three courts and you can play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Louie supervises the indoor drop in basketball, soccer and badminton.

Main rec rooms equipment is almost all new because one of the treadmills caught fire last year no one was on it at the time. The equipment cost 250,000 the center has 4 locker rooms two for common use and two courtside for scholarship athletes. They have two racquetball courts and two squash courts.

Louie says no day is different because they have three colleges and hosing all around. Louie is in charge of 15 student employs. They share the facility with campus rec athletics and human performance and sport department. In the main gym they have three courts and two sets of bleachers with a maximum capacity of 2,200 and to ad to the splendor they have the Pepsi centers old video screen. Louie is also a personnel trainer so he can pick and choose his clients. Louie has his own training/run club for students for only $30.00 dollars.