Group of Students Tour Broadcasting Facility


On July 21, 2016, Chairman of the Journalism Technical Communications, Bob Amend, and Director Matt Keller took time out of their day to inform a group of students about digital broadcasting by giving them a tour of a broadcasting facility.

As the group walks around and witness large computer stations, they finally enter a studio. In the studio, quilts hang down from the ceiling, as well as lights. There is a green screen, as well as a desk and furniture. Fascinated by the quilts’ placement, the group asks why they are hanging down from the ceiling. Amend states that “The quilts are used to dampen the sound and cancel out the echoes”. In the studio, the cameras are also of great significance. Amend elaborated on each feature of the camera, such as the teleprompter, as well as proceeded to describe their mechanism. The green screen was the most fascinating, as an image of a certain map is projected on it.

Later on, the group went into the control room to see how the camera’s feed is intertwined with a control board. The control board switches between cameras and can even reduce the transparency of an image. Amend addresses that, “Location screening costs more in the west than in the east because of the mountains’ interference with the signal”. It was extremely unfathomable that during sports games cameras constantly have to switched between each other to alter the perspective.