If You Took the Path of a Nurse


To take a path as a nurse is a big commitment. Almost every day and night, you are being trusted to take care of patients. There is no cutting corners, or being lazy. You may even have the life of a person in your hands.

But as former nurse and college Professor Shawn Anderson would say, there are actually many benefits to being a nurse. One thing that might be appealing to people who are looking for a career as a nurse is the flexibility that you may have. You are able to have flexible schedules and flexible locations. For example, if hospitals don’t suit you, you may be up for working in a doctor’s office instead.

Once you have decided to build a career as a nurse, you have a long way to go before you can work in a hospital with patients. Professor Anderson explains that there are many prerequisite courses that must be completed before starting in a Nursing Program. Specifically, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Development, Nutrition, and most general education. However, many programs are very competitive, and it can be hard to get into hospitals to work with patients. Once you get you general nurse’s degree, you can specialize in many other options.

Once you have finally get to work in a hospital, you are up for a challenge. Although it is not always portrayed, nurses actually do most of the hands-on work for patients. They are usually the ones who give patients their medicine, give them shots, and do most of the tests. Nurses promote health, which is to educate people about their health. This is like when you go to the doctor’s office for your yearly check-up. Nurses also help prevent disease, help different patients cope with many illnesses, and make sure that patients are okay, stay safe, etc. Some nurses are even advocates for the patients.
Being a nurse is a big commitment, with continuous pros and cons. It takes plenty of devotion to be a nurse, but all in all, you are helping the lives of other people!