Industrial design


Ted Shin is a professor at MSU Denver University and teaches industrial design. On July 21, 2016, when journalism students visited, he said, “Industrial design means an activity that solves a problem.” Some things overtime have been made for improvement. Everything that you see is made or designed by someone. Did you know that a pocket watch can cost over 17 million dollars? We have improved art, foods, financial value, and cell phones. I am doing this journalism because it can help me be a better writer.

We went into the 3d print lab and I saw a ladder, a monster, a tower, a Rubix Cube thing, and a chair. We also went into the engineer room were we saw inventions and Professor John Wanberg. He is building a two person electric car that that has 3 wheels and can actually drive on the road! This was my favorite part. We also went into a room that is a lab where students’ creations are being made. It had a lot of sharp tools and materials.

We got to walk around Campus and went into different buildings and saw a building that was being created right after lunch. For lunch, we had a ham sandwich, salt and vinegar chips, water and a cookie. It has helped me being a better photographer, writer, and reader. I had a lot of fun being at this journalism camp day.