Local University Offers Futures for Pilots


National airlines have partnerships with flight schools all over the country, around the world and here in Denver at Metropolitan State University. “We have a great relationship with airlines and the aerospace industry,” said Michael Barnes, a senior at MSU. The university has access to multiple regional airlines, including Envoy, United, and Great Lakes. Airlines can recruit students to be employees if they have met all the industry requirements.

Envoy and United require 150 hours of air flight. Great Lakes requires 250 hours of air flight. There are also specific courses students have to take to get familiar with the different airline planes. There are also the courses you are required to take to graduate. Private pilot, instrument and commercial, weather classes, turbo props, and professional standards and development are some of the classes. When students are in their senior year, they will work with the cockpit procedural trainer. The paper tiger is used to quiz students on flight preparedness.

Students spend four years training and flying simulations before they can graduate. All students have to graduate before being able to get a job. Something unique about MSU is that the university has 23 Frasca simulators. “That is the most Frascas in one building,” said Alex Toussaint, Aviation and Aerospace Science lab coordinator at MSU.