Metro State University’s Hospitality


At the Hospitality Learning center at Metro State University there is an impressive tour by the Student Lounge, where students can relax and do homework. Then also we went through the main Culinary classrooms, the Sensory Analysis Lab, and the Specialty Food Lab (room 106). The Quantity Food Lab is the last culinary classroom in the tour. Then, finishing off at the culinary room. All of the furniture and décor are contemporary, innovative, and clean. In the culinary classrooms, there are scads of installations to insure that everything is immaculate and that cross-contamination doesn’t exist. For example, the electrical outlets are hanging from the ceiling instead of on the table. This is so that the cords don’t spread the bacteria from the previous cooking session to the food in the next cooking session, which would happen if the cords were on the table.

The Hospitality Center building is also a green building. They were awarded the Leed Gold Certification. They teach recycling and composting. The building is also energy-efficient. Students at the hospitality center learn how to improve a healthy ecosystem in the Urban Agriculture program where they gain knowledge on farming, sourcing food, and how to leave less of an impact on the ecosystem.

Jimi Webb, the Manager of Operations at Metro State Hospitality Learning Center led this tour and had the pleasure of giving an interview. Jimi was born in North California in 1984. He was four when he moved to Colorado. He inspired us as young journalists, students, budding cooks, and academics, and told us ”always strive to be better; nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement.” As the manager of operations, Jimi coordinates the classes, food and equipment purchasing, building operations, and accounting for the department. His favorite thing to cook is fresh pasta from scratch. Metropolitan State University Hospitality Learning Center is innovative and interesting.