Metro Video Journalist for a day


Down at Metropolitan State University of Denver, a group of Youth Journalist got to`go tour the campus. This team got to go behind the scenes of their broadcasting studio as video journalists. They toured around the studio seeing new technology in the sound and tech room and also on set. Another cool part of their experience is that their tour was lead by Dr. Bob Amend, the chairman of journalism and tech communication.

First this team got to go on the set were Metro broadcasts their MET News, and where teachers can broadcast lectures that student can later watch. This team saw how to focus a camera for a broad cast. They also saw different set options including different colors back drops and set pieces and a green screen with projections. They also saw how different lights have different purposes. This team learned a lot of studio vocabulary including talent witch is the person broadcasting and different commands to get the perfect shot and have perfect timing. like pan, tighten, cut ,and que.

After the team toured around the set they went to the tech room. In the tech room Dr. Bob taught them about how the control box adds effects to the pitcher. They can add effects like a swipe, or a fade, or a cut to make the broadcast smooth from changes between shots and commercials. In the Tech room they also learned about the director. If the studio have camera men the director will constantly been calling commands to get the perfect timing and picture for the perfect broadcast. In the show business nothing can go wrong.

Next the team went the the audio room. The audio seemed the easiest part to a broad cast. If there is to much bass they could easily take it out or if there is not enough balance they could add more. It was as simple as that. if everyone dose their job if its big or small the studio will end up with a cool broad cast. With all the lights and cameras and action the video journalist job is pretty cool and super fun.