Mr. Morphew shows Youth Journalists around Recreational Facilities.


The Recreational Facility is the only facility in Colorado that serves 3 colleges all in one! The Recreational Facility serve Metropolitan State University[MSU], University of Colorado at Denver [UCD], and the Community College of Denver.

Louie Morphew is the associate Director of Campus Recreation at Auraria. Louie is a helpful figure who was willing to answer the hundreds of questions the journalists supplied! Over the years Louie has had some fun creating new groups, one of which is a running group called the Pacesetter. In Pacesetter, you train to run a 5k with Louie as your instructor!


Louie started the tour by taking the Journalists to the Fitness Center, where student employees work to keep customers happy and clean all the equipment. Speaking of equipment, Louie shares with the kids that in 3 months all the equipment will be replaced by shiny new equipment, costing around $250,000. Student memberships for the Recreational Facility are $40 per semester.


The kids then stopped by the Outdoor Adventure Rentals. The Outdoor Adventure Rentals staff explained that they do all kinds of fun trips including day hikes all over the state, ice climbing, and canyoneering in Moab, Utah. Outdoor Adventure Rentals also offers extremely low rental prices. You can rent a canoe for a day for only $15 whereas at REI it’s $120 for a day!! Also the Outdoor Adventure Rentals rents backpacks for only $18.00 per week!
Next Morphew leads youth Journalists to the Fitness Loft, which holds 15 stationary bikes and 8 Free Motion machines. In the Fitness Loft on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 1:50 an Indoor Cycling class is held.


The tour continues by the Gym [which contains 3 full basketball courts]. During Drop-In time the Gym is available for Basketball, Volleyball, racquetball and soccer. The gym also has the old Pepsi center scoreboard! When the time for a big game comes the staff pulls down the 2 sets of bleachers and play on the middle court. the huge gym’s full capacity is 2,200!
All in all the Youth Journalists had an amazing tour and learned a lot thanks to Louie Morphew!