MSU Flight Program


At the Metropolitan State University of Denver campus they offer opportunities for people seeking to become a pilot. Alex Toussaint, a representative  for the program showed the youth journalism participants different rooms in the Aviation and Aerospace Science department. Some of the rooms Toussaint showed us had flight simulators.


Students new to the flight course, will begin on a C-172-RG simulator. These are old school planes. They don’t have computers like other simulators that they will come across later in the program. Students start out on these planes by flying solo, because it has one engine. It is also easier to control than a plane that has two engines. After mastering this plane, students graduate to a more challenging aircraft.


The Twin Row is a modern plane that unlike the version that students had become accustomed to, this one has two engines and a computer screen. It is only flown by one person just like the last plane that students learned to fly. In the first semester using this plane pupils learn how to control it. In the second semester, they learn what to do in case of an emergency. Soon enough, these amateur pilots graduate from the Twin Row and go on to an even more difficult task.


Seniors begin to work on the Cessna Citation Mustang 510. This time there is a co-pilot. Students work together to fly the aircraft, as if they were flying a real one. Spencer Nelson, a graduate from the flight program said, “The bigger the plane the easier it is to fly.” This is because when people fly a bigger plane, they have a co-pilot to assist them when needed.



People that go through the aviation programs offered by MSU are given opportunities to become real pilots. The university partners with, just to name a few Great Lakes, Sky West, and many more. People who represent these companies come to the university and recruit students to become pilots. Giving them a chance at their future!