MSU Industrial Design Labs


MSU in Colorado is one of the only universities in America that have an Industrial Design program. Students at this University also get the treat of being able to put things together by hand and tool instead of by computer. Today, Youth Journalism met with Professor Ted Shin in his lab and learned about Industrial Design. Youth Journalism had to write a story on a certain professor, me being one of the 75 kids.

He explained that design is an activity that solves a problem. You can design a tool to fit a specific task and carry it out. Industrial Design is the creation and design of everyday objects. Industrial Design products can be mass produced, unlike art. Art can only be created once, and no two arts are the same. Industrial Design products also have a function to them, and are generally new. An example of this is pizza scissors. They serve a function, cutting pizza, and are innovative. Industrial Design products also sell better when made with a good, pleasing atheistic. Shin also explained how to create an Industrial Design product. First you need an idea, then you need to sketch it. After that, you need to draw it and make a model of it. Then, you need to prototype it. Once you have it perfected, you can mass produce it.

We got the chance to look into 4 different labs. In the metal lab, we saw that augmented reality was being used to visualize and “weld” metals together. This gives students a better feel for what’s going to happen. We also saw a computer operated metal cutting machine. The plastics lab was being moved to the new building, so there wasn’t much to see in there. As we moved to the wood lab, we got to see a display case with different designs for things from baskets, to guns, and even creepy looking alien heads. In the wood lab, we saw an electric car being made out of carbon fiber. It was going to have three wheels, meaning it could also be classified as a motorcycle. We got the chance to meet the man making this car, Professor John Wanberg. He showed us how he was molding the car and told us that the car can seat two people, and the roof can come off. Lastly, we moved to the 3D printer lab and had some fun with 3D printed toys. We got a look into what students can do with in the Industrial Design program and how unique it is.