MSU Sky Rockets in Aerospace

Cessna 510 Citation Mustang cockpit

Spencer Nelson tells Youth Journalism Participants, “Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado has one of the best and most capable programs for aerospace and aviation in the United States.” He goes to MSU as a junior and he is studying to become a professional pilot. After Nelson graduates, he will become a flight instructor and teach future pilots.

Nelson and other students like him have flown the Cessna 172 which only has one engine, it has round gages, and is one of the older model planes. Students usually spend one year to two years on this plane. This plane does not have controls for the copilot; only the pilot has controls. The Twine Row has two engines, it is a digital screen, and a more advanced trainer plane. This helps the trainees learn how to adapt from controlling one engine to two engines. Students also learn to fly the Beech 1900. Both the pilot and copilot control this plane simulator and they must work as a team. The Cessna 510 Citation Mustang is another simulator. In this simulation two pilots work together to fly the plane. This is the most realistic plane simulation and it is only used for research. All of these simulations help MSU students prepare for real life and competitions. That’s not all MSU has to offer for aerospace and aviation.

MSU has air traffic control simulators and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) drone simulators that students use to train before using a real drone. Having an air traffic control simulator room teaches students at MSU to prepare for real life and trains them for a job in that area. MSU also offers a space commercialism program. In this class students build satellites, spaceships, and other space objects. The objects are sent up into the atmosphere. Then the objects do not stay in the sky, because they are attached to weather balloons that pop at a certain height and then the objects parachute back down to Earth.

MSU offers support to its students and helps them get jobs. MSU trains students to fly planes that are currently in the flying industry.This school is great for training pilots to be the best.