MSU Takes a Liberal Approach on Education


A group of students with The Denver Post Youth Journalism Day interviewed Vaughn Toland, Director of Admissions at Metropolitan State University of Denver, a large public school located in downtown Denver on July 21.


According to Toland, MSU is one of the most approachable, liberal universities you could choose to attend, based on their tuition, low income programs, and their general acceptance rate.


Statistics show, people with Bachelor’s degrees make an estimated $20,000 more than people with only a high school diploma. Along with that, by 2018 two thirds of jobs in the US will require a Bachelor’s degree.
MSU’s approximate tuition for a year is about $7,000, as opposed other universities that can often cost around $60,000. That would mean that in the four years it would cost about eight and a half times less to get a Bachelor’s Degree at MSU than at other universities.


In addition to low tuition costs and financial aid, MSU offers multiple low income programs including the Work Study Program, where students are given the opportunity to work on campus. This allows them to work towards paying off their tuition, while working in a familiar, convenient environment.


Not only does MSU offer many financial benefits, but the school is as easy as ABC to get into. About 20,000 students apply each year and almost all of them get in, as long their application is complete. Along with that you are guaranteed to get in if you are older than 20 years of age and have a high school diploma.


MSU is a well-rounded school for students of all sorts because of their prestigious academics and financial accessibility.