Need For Nursing


The hospital setting is always a bummer to be in from the perspective of the bed, but from the eyes of a nurse it enters a whole new level. Though most nurses are overlooked, they truly have the credit of running the hospital. They are the patients’ best friend, lending a hand to the care and safely of those confined to the hospital bed. If a hospital was a human body, nurses would be the vitals. So important, yet they rarely get the spotlight. The need for more nurses is escalating as the current population retires, giving way to a new set of hard workers.

As the need for nurses increases, all eyes turn to the colleges. But becoming a nurse takes many years and lots of grueling work. When choosing to pursue the work of a nurse, either jump for your admissions degree for nursing [ADN] ,which typically takes place in community college, or go for your Bachelor Degree in Nursing [BDN]. Studies show that nurses who complete their Bachelors have a higher patient success rate. Bachelors students are required to take prerequisite classes like Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and other science-based courses to help gain a better understanding of nursing. Passing all of these classes is vital to being admitted into the nursing program. However, the spots open in the class are numbered. This poses the question of why don’t they just open more spaces thereby producing more nurses? That is the trouble with upcoming nurses, one teacher can only teach so many. Students need interactive experiences such as learning in working hospitals as part of their training, therefore lowering the number of pupils that can go at a time. As a professor in Nursing at Metropolitan State University, Shawn Anderson hopes her students will leave dedicated workers no longer complacent to their work.

The fight against nurse-patient ratios rages on. However, as a new generation of nurses come in, rest assured the future of the nursing career is safe in the hands of today’s students.