Nursing With Shawn Anderson


“Everybody deserves your best,” says Shawn Anderson. Anderson has worked in many hospitals and in many different sections in the hospitals. She has worked in Denver Health, North Suburban and many more hospitals. She said that you have to treat everyone with respect even when they don’t treat you with respect, they are very sick and it is hard to be nice all the time. Yet she has never regretted becoming a nurse.


Anderson wants more people to know that nurses are not the doctor’s helper. They are there when the doctor is not there helping them. Nurses talk to them and are the patient’s voice. She says that sometimes the patient feels like they can’t talk to the doctor about concerns so the nurse can help the patient communicate with the doctor about their concerns.
Anderson expressed her experiences, and the most heartwarming experience for her was when she saw a baby being born. She also talks about working to help people off the job, she helped in a car accident because she was the first responder. That shows how much dedication she has for helping other people.


Anderson has also encountered some hard patients when she worked in the emergency room such as people who hit their head badly which causes them to not know what they are doing. These patients can try to kick, hit, and bite her which keeps her on her toes.


Now Anderson works as a college professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver and trains college students how to become nurses.


Anderson says this is one of the most emotionally satisfying job.