Recreational Facilities at the Auraria Campus


Recreational Facilities at the Auraria Campus is the gym of three universities: Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado at Denver, and Community College of Denver. First there’s the Fitness Center, each school has to pay a different fee to use it. MSU students pay $30, UCD and CCD students pay $5. The Fitness Center has a rock climbing wall, treadmills, elliptical, bikes, and weight lifting! But they used to have very old machines, and that made a treadmill flame up. Because of that, the staff of Recreational Facilities decided to replace all of the machines through one year, it took $250,000!

Then there’s the enjoying outdoors area. They rent out outdoor things like canoes,
bikes, backpacks, and other outdoor things. To rent a canoe for a day is $15, to rent a canoe for the weekend is $25, and to rent a canoe for the week is $45. They also go on hikes, ice climbing, rock climbing, and do other outdoor activities. Two of the workers are students, and one is a graduate.

Next there’s the MSU team-training center. That’s where the sports teams train together; they train there because they are not aloud to train together in the regular fitness center. I saw the squash ball room, the racquetball room and the drained pool, too. The pool was drained because when it was full, it leaked. They just drained it, because the fix was $1 million. But the pool had two diving boards, and 5 starting blocks.

Finally, there was the gym. There were 3 basketball courts in one room! Each court had a curtain to separate them, but you could pull them up, too. They use the gym as a multi-purpose room. They use it for basketball games, graduation sessions, and much more. My tour guide of the Recreational Facilities was Louie Morphew, he is the Associate Director of Recreational Facilities.