Shawn Anderson


Shawn Anderson, college professor and nurse at Metro State University, in Denver, Colorado has had many shocking, as well as heartwarming experiences. From sorrowful deaths, to the happiness of a newborn baby Anderson has always stuck by her patients. “In my years as a nurse, I have never regretted a thing.” Anderson told us.

The reason why she never regretted a thing, well, her main priority is her patients. “When it comes to patient safety, you’ve got to be strong” she told us. When she’s not with her patients, she’s working with her students on nursing at Metro State University, in Denver, Colorado. Anderson wants her students to walk away with the attitude that every patient always deserves the best. She later told us, that as a nurse, you can’t be complacent, and cut corners. “As a nurse, you have to be aware, because patient’s lives are in the nurse’s hands.”

Although being a nurse gives Anderson a great opportunity to help patients in need, there were many challenges. Anderson’s work does not stop when she leaves the hospital. Anderson explained that she was the first to respond to a nearby car accident and assisted the patients until the paramedics arrived. She later told us that the hospitals she has worked at have had several occasions where they are short-staffed, and each nurse must cover around 5-10 patients.

The dedication that Anderson has put into her job is incredible, and after many years, she still has never regretted anything from being a nurse. She treats patients with respect, and stands by them.