Ted Shin


At MSU Coronado we had the chance to visit Professor Ted Shin Industrial Design factory for Youth Journalism Day.

For the first 5 or 10 minuets we had a slid show presentation saying that every thing you see was made by designers. Also it showed some designs for the future and for some upcoming movies were shown in the presentation .

After the quick presentation we went on a tour through some of the types of the labs. Our first lab was were metal stuff was mad. We saw a metal cutter. Also a creation in progress.

The next lab was a wood stuff. I saw a wood chair design plus a couple of workers as well.

After the wood shop lab we walked down the hall to the plastic lab. In the lab we saw a new design for a motorcycle. The porotype had 3 wheals and could carry 2 people. If there were 2 grownups would be a little crowed but if there were 2 kids on it would be alright.

After the plastic lab we walked to the 3d printer lab. In the lab they had a whole bunch of 3d printer toys and creations.
This is what you will find at professor shins lab.