The Adventures of Nursing


Nursing can be frightening, infuriating, and a test of patience. But it can also be heart- warming. Collage professor Shawn Anderson , told about some of her experiences in the nursing community. She was very animated when telling the adventures. She made it seem as though she were traveling back to her previous adventures as a nurse. The way she explained it I felt as if I were there in her stories.

Shawn Anderson says that “the best part of being a nurse is seeing a new baby born.” Then she told of the greatest honor that she received. “The greatest honor I received was when I was taking care of a young girl who was in hospice. We were all expecting the girl to die at any time. Her  family had stayed with her ever since she had arrived in hospice. They had not eaten in 24 hours, so I told them I would stay with their daughter while they were gone. The moment the parents left the room the girl died with me by her side. It was an honor.” Says Anderson.

Even though there can be exciting and happy experiences such as seeing a patient recover from cancer or another illness; there were also depressing times. Sometimes Nurses have to do things that they really don’t want to, but have to do for the safety of their patients. When asked if Anderson had ever had one of these experiences she replied “yes. I had to restrain some patients to their bed because they would try to rip out certain devices that would keep them alive. I hated it. I also disliked giving babies and children shots, and other things that hurt people.” She says.

In all the happy and sad experiences there are also scary and painful experiences. Some nurses might be injured by their own patients. Ander son sys she had experiences in being injured by her patients. She says, “I have not gotten hurt badly. But I have gotten hit, kicked and bitten. Sometimes fight or flight suddenly kicks in and you get hurt” says Anderson.
“I have been a nurse for 30 years and I have never had a single regret of being a nurse.” Says Anderson.