The Auraria Campus Sports Facility


Student Fees cover access to all campus facilities, such as the sports facilities, and classes. On the Auraria campus, the cost can range from $5.00 to $30.00 for a fee.

The fee to access the Wellness Center is $40.00 per semester for faculty. For students, it’s included in their student fees, compared to an average of $74.00 for wellness center fees in America.

Fees for a personal trainer package include 15 sessions for $75.00, and 30 sessions for $130.00.

Big Money, Big Changes

Two years ago, the pool began to leak under what is now an art gallery. Due to the drain leakage, the pool had to close down, and an estimated $1 million in repairs is needed for the pool. At its shallowest point, it is 3 ½ feet deep, and at its deepest point, it is 13 feet deep. The pool has two diving boards, one low board, and one high diving board. Rumored plans include turning it into yet another fitness center.

Recently, a treadmill caught fire in the wellness center room. Therefore, Metropolitan State University (MSU) decided to replace all fitness equipment. The cost set back is about $250,000. They began replacing equipment last August, and will finish by this August.

The Wellness Center Workout

Some of the equipment in the wellness center includes bench presses, treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and many more. It has an amazing view of the Pepsi Center. You can stop in to workout, boulder, or climb the rock wall.

Outdoor Adventures- Be Wild!

The Outdoor Adventure crew can take you on out-of-state excursions, canoe trips, rock climbing adventures; you can even go ice climbing in the winter. Their Headquarters are located down the stairwell nearest the Wellness Center.

You can rent many camping supplies at the Outdoor Adventure center. Renting a canoe for the weekend has a rate of $24.00. You can also rent ice axes, trekking poles, and a tent.