The Hospitality Learning Center


“Always strive to be better, nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement.” says Jimi Webb, Operations Manager of The Hospitality Learning Center. At The Hospitality Learning Center they analyze food to make sure they know how to cook and prepare it. They do this in clean sanitary labs.

In these labs, students learn how to cook the food in different ways and how to make sure the food is ok to eat. The labs also have to be very clean so that when they serve it at their restaurant, Degree metropolitan food and drink, customers don’t get Salmonella which is a disease caused when some bacteria from raw meet gets into food.

Now that we know a little more about The Hospitality Learning Center, let’s get into the interview The Night Owls had with Webb . Webb started as a student, there was also a job opening. He also got his job because he was really good at networking and he volunteered in the department a lot. “I got the job because I had good networking skills.”

Webb started off his career by washing dishes when he was fourteen years old. After that, I worked my way up to being a chef.” Webb also described how important it is make sure that the food is prepared correctly. Webb was interested in helping people eat clean food and making sure that they were healthy.

was born in Northern California in 1984. Jimi Webb is now thirty one years old. Webb’s favorite thing to cook is fresh pasta. Webb has been working at the center for about four and a half years, in October it will be five years. “I mainly work on coordinates, classes, schedules, and accounting for my department.

When Webb was asked the question “Do you provide the food for big festivals?” Webb’s eyes lit up with excitement and stated: “Yes, we provide the entrees, main course, and desserts.”

Jimi Webb is helping people stay healthy and teaching students how to compost, and prepare and cook food properly. Webb gave The Night Owls some inspiring words and is a great Operations Manager. “Always strive to be better, nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement.”