Three in One


In Downtown Denver there are three schools that all have the same campus. These three colleges are Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado in Denver, and Community College of Denver. Out of all three colleges they all share the same recreational center.

One of the many fitness related rooms is the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center has a rock wall, treadmills, weight equipment, and much more. The Fitness Center is open from 8 a.m to 5:50 p.m. Most workers are students so the closing time is early for time to do homework. They also provide TV, mirrors, and astonishing views. All school students are allowed at the Fitness Center by showing their college bus pass to prove you are a collage student. A year ago a treadmill caught fire and the school decided to replace all equipment, which was a total of $250,000.

On the campus there is a pool, but unfortunately the pool has been closed for two years, because of pipe leaking under the pool. There is a photo gallery next door and the owners didn’t want to take any risks so the pool was closed down. The pool probably will not be fixed due to the $1 million expense to fix the pipes. The pool has two diving boards and many starter blocks.

Another fitness room is the Basketball Court. The Basketball Court provides space for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and also used for graduation. There are bleachers on each side of the court and the names of all three schools on a different court. The bleachers can hold about 2,200 people. There is a small passage that leads in to the Fitness Loft where most group fitness exercises are held.

Louie Morphew gave everyone a amazing tour and I want to give him a big thanks.