Virginia. K. White


Virginia K. White, author of The Warren the Honking Cat Books says that Warren Cat is made fun of by his siblings because he doesn’t meow, he honks, as she wants, “readers to embrace their strengths and personalities.”

When Mrs. White was in college, she took a class on children’s literature and later when she became a high school teacher for 40 years teaching the subject English!

Now she has retired and has two daughters, whom she says, “are creative writers.”

Mrs. White says that she always wanted to be a children’s author and she got the inspiration when she was moving. When you are moving, you always look around the house packing things up, and when Mrs. White was doing as so, she found her daughter’s story she wrote in third grade. She asked her if she “could play around with it,” and then she got the idea of Warren Cat.

Mrs. White says that, “you can publish but it’s not easy” and, “a lot of the push from the book comes from you” (the author), and thinks that young readers should get engaged.

Mrs. White says that she took many rough drafts for her first book, and now is selling activity packet to come with her books. Mrs. White also says that she loves going to elementary schools reading her books because the students always ask her good and funny questions.

Mrs. White also says that she will be releasing a third book in the fall. She also says that she took 7 rough drafts for that book, and that she and the editor were sometimes debating between which word to use.


As said before by Mrs. White, “You’re never too old to write, and you’re never to young to write, the sooner the better.”