Virginia White


Virginia White is a children’s author who wants to inspire kids to read and write books. Virginia is a retired high school English teacher who has always had a passion for reading and writing.

She started writing stories when she was looking through some boxes before moving. She found some of her daughter’s third grade stories and books and asked her if she could mess around with them. 

So she started writing books. Her first book was called Warren The Honking Cat Saves The Day. Her second book is called Warren The Honking Cat And The Exciting Winter Play. A third book is coming out in the fall of 2016.<x/p>

Virginia White gets her ideas from visiting schools, brain storming with kids, and listing to their questions and answers.

She is allowed 10 pictures per book, she says the push comes from you. She has gone to many fairs and festivals to sell her books. She also says that her books will become a small series.

Today she lives in Colorado with her husband and three cats. She plans to keep writing and reading books. 

To learn more about Virginia White, please visit her Facebook page at Virginia White.

To check out Warren and his adventures, go to his Facebook page at Warren the Honking Cat.