What Does it Take to Be a Nurse?


Shawn Anderson is not your average college professor. In her years as a nurse she has experienced the sadness of a death and the joy of a newborn baby. “Nursing is one of the most emotionally fulfilling and rewarding jobs,” Anderson said. She also told us that in her many years as a nurse she has never regretted a thing.

Maybe the reason she never regretted a thing because of how many pros there are to the job of a nurse. If you’re the type of person who gets bored of a job after a while then this is the job for you. In the job of a nurse there are many different options. You can work in an ambulance, a helicopter, the hospital, ICU, etc. Nursing is a growing economy. When you graduate you have a higher salary as a beginner than most other jobs. You get lots of benefits as a nurse and you have a very flexible hours. Some of the best things are giving a voice to the patient because the will tell you what they need because nurse is easier to talk to than a doctor is.

Although there are many pros to being a nurse there are a few cons. To start you have to work on the holidays a lot of the time and hospitals are short staffed a lot of the time too. The job can also be emotionally draining when a patient you were close to dies and when you have to restrain someone.

Although Anderson has spent many years being a nurse, she still has lots of things she is learning. With medicine improving, there are lots of new ways of medical help. With medicine changing, nurses have to be constantly learning how to treat their patients better. It doesn’t matter what changes there are, Anderson is willing to learn more.