Youth Journalism Day


“Industrial design improves aesthetic and functional value.” Says MSU Professor Ted Shin. Today, July 21st 2016, 75 kids gathered at MSU Denver campus to celebrate Youth Journalism Day. Youth Journalism Day is an opportunity for Denver area middle schoolers to learn about journalism from professionals.

As part of the day some of the campers met with Professor Ted Shin to learn about the Industrial design program at MSU. Metro State is the only university in Colorado that has an industrial design program. Professor Shin took the campers to several labs one of which Professor John Wanberg, an industrial design professor at MSU, was busy building a car made from carbon fiber. The car will have three wheels, the roof can come off, it is electric, and can be driven on the streets.

After seeing the car and talking to Professor Wanburg, campers headed to the 3D printer lab. MSU has nine 3D printers in their lab for the industrial design kids to use. Campers got to play with the creations that MSU students created using the 3D printer. There were creations such as model buildings, chairs, creatures, and even things that moved such as lifts and a puzzle ball.

One last lab campers visited was the “metal lab.” The metal lab was where students built things such as bike frames. There was a lot of interesting equipment in there, but the most interesting ones were the metal cutter mill and the virtual welding simulator. The welding simulator is a headset that students could put on to practice welding. It is a augmented reality welding machine that when students put on the headset they can practice welding skills.

The whole experience was amazing and taught the campers all about industrial design and journalism at the same time.