Youth Journalism Day


Today July 21 2016 we visited Ted Shin. Ted Shin is an Industrial Design Professor at MSU Denver. MSU has the only Industrial Design Program in all of Colorado. A designers goal is to improve objects. Ted Shin says Industrial Design is an activity to solve a problem by improving anesthetic and functional value. The size of what is being designed doesn’t really affect the price, there is a tiny watch that costs 17 million dollars. Every object that we use or see was designed by someone at one point.

I thought that being an Industrial Designer takes a creative mind and a strong will. I think this because you have to spend time thinking about how you can build it. Also you have to think about would people use it. We visited the 3d printer lab today. There was a whole shelf filled with things the 3d printers had made. There was a monster, the Eiffel tower, an interesting cube like object, a fish, a ladder, and many other things.

The next room we went to had a Professor named John Wanberg who was building an electric car made entirely of carbon fiber. He says that is will hold 2 people. It will have 3 wheels. He says that he will test it himself when it is fully built. It will also have a roof that can be taken off. That was our tour with Ted Shin.

The presentations this morning where long but they taught us a lot. We got to see professional photos that where taken. We had lunch and got to walk around campus. The Youth Journalism Day was a great experience and a lot of fun. I hope that I can do it again next year.