Youth Journalism Day Fun!


Today is youth journalism day, that is when 5th through 7th graders go to Metro State University and make their own articles and stories to share on a website exclusively for event participants. Each group has at least one camp leader, and at least five campers. The camp only has seventy-five campers per year.

I was in a group of seven campers (including me) and two leaders. First, we went through some lectures about preparing for an interview and taking photos like a pro. Then we had some lunch and planned on our projects. Next, we went to see the MSU professor, Ted Shin, who teaches industrial design. Designing is a problem solving activity. He taught us that almost everything mankind uses is made by a designer. He even told us that one certain pocket watch sold for seventeen million dollars! He also took us to 4 other labs, metal, wooden, plastic, and 3-D printing, it has nine 3-D printers! During the studio tour, we took photos of the equipment and of the products. Professor John Wanberg was actually making a car out of carbon fiber!

I feel that Youth Journalism Day is a day for children to write to their full potential and become a good journalist.-