Youth Journalism Day Interests Colorado Kids



Happening today at Metropolitan State University, Youth Journalism Day was an event created for all the kids interested in reporting, photography, and the newspaper in general.

Early in the day, the seventy-five children split into ten teams, with each team being at a table. Once everybody was seated, they got introduced to Dana Plewka, who organized the event. She immediately started diving into the complexity of journalism and a day in the life of an editor working at a newspaper. There are many different jobs to be done at a newspaper: meteorology, photography, and reporting, to name a few.

The pupils were taught how to choose interesting words in articles by Kip Wotkyns, learned all about interviews from Lawrence Washington, and delved into hard stories and feature stories from Dana Coffield. After the presentations, they had lunch outside, which consisted of meat sandwiches and wraps, juice, chips and a cookie.

After this refreshing respite, the different teams went to separate stations to learn various things. Team eight went to the Lego station, which was taught by Lego Education Consultant Layne Rainey. Their first activity was to take six pieces from the a bag of Lego pieces each individual received. Then those six pieces were used to make a tree. Keep in mind, no one knew they were building a tree, so everybody’s creation looked nothing like a tree.

After that activity, the pupils partnered up with each other and built identical Lego cars. Then they tested, modified, and tweaked the automobiles until each was unique. They rolled the cars down a ramp and the farthest rolling car won. That car belonged to Paige and Hannah, who were the underdogs at that point.

“I felt surprised because we were the worst in the beginning,” said Hannah.

Youth Journalism Day was an interesting event, for all who participated, through and through.