About Lego


Since the 1930s, Legos have been evolving from wooden toys to the plastic bricks we know today. Legos were invented in 1932, but they actually started out as wooden ducks. Where did the word ‘Lego” come from? It comes from the danish meaning of “play well.” Lego produces the most amount of tires in the world. Why do you think Legos started a Lego Education Center? Who invented Legos? The first lego was produced by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. What are legos made of? Though they started as wooden ducks, Legos are now made of plastic cubes.

Another fun thing about Lego is Lego Education. Lego Education encourages four modes of listening: visual, auditory, language, and kinesthetic. Lego Education started in 1980. It was made to help and inspire kids from preschool to college. Layne Rainey was the education consultant and guide in the classroom. He was very nice and he taught the students all about Lego and Lego Education from the past to today.

Today at Metropolitan University, six students built cars from Legos using gears and tires and other pieces.They added and took off weight to make adjustments to the cars to make them go all the way to the end of the room. Two of the students were struggling at first, but after a few adjustments and rebuilding, those two turned out to be the champions. They felt surprised at the end that they had won. Then, when the students had cleaned up the room, they went to the computer room in the school and started writing an article. They enjoyed working with the legos and making the car. They liked the legos because they make them feel as if their mind can run free into creativity.