Learning about Hospitality


On January 21st 2016 the Night Owls took a tour of the Hospitality Learning Center with James (Jimi) Webb. We started in a small kitchen. We all dropped our bags in the first room.

The first room we went in to was the SENSORY ANALYISIS LAB. In that room they make Wine from all over the world and study food that is raw. They used raw chicken.

Next we went in to the SPECALITY FOOD LAB. In there it was cold you could also hear the refrigerator generator running. The tools in the kitchen are shocking. There are power cables hanging from the ceiling. There are pots by the sink (by the way there are four sinks). It is by the sink on the left when you walk in. By the sinks there are pots and pans. They also have ladles, spatulas, and many more.

QUANITY FOOD LAB in this lab it is warm. This is a good kitchen to find students doing prep work for the restraint They have many tools in there have a big grill and many more.

The HOSPITALTY CENTER is a green building. It uses leed gold which is energy and non toxic chemicals.

“Always strive to be better. Nothing is perfect; there is always room for improvement, “says Jimi Webb