Lego Experience


Since 1980 Lego has been developing a department called Lego Education. Today students got an experience with Lego Education. The Lego Education consultant’s name was Layne Rainey who took them on their journey. They were in a classroom on the Auraria campus at Metropolitan State University to learn the four learning modes: visual, auditory-listening, reading/writing, and kinesthetic, or hands on. The plan was to learn communication skills, teamwork, and problem solving.


After a warm-up exercise, Rainey split the six students into groups of two and gave them a bag of Legos that had tools to build a car. There were two manuals so each of them could create a part of a car, and put them together to make a whole. Then they ran it down this ramp made out of cardboard to see how far it would go. The goal was to make it go the farthest out of the three teams.


They had to try many different things to make the car go far, like adjusting the sizes of the wheels and deciding if they wanted a weight or not. What seemed to be most helpful was the choice of using a rubber band to attach to the gears and the bottom. After they did a race to see who’s car went the farthest the group with Hannah Grober and Paige Palmer won, which surprised them, since they had a hard time at the start.


Rainey let the students interview him and gave them some of these facts: Lego means “play well” in Danish, the company started in 1932 making wooden ducks on wheels, the Lego company manufactures more tires than any other company in the world, Ole Kirk Christiansen created the Lego brand and more.


Cameron Hood, one of the students, had a great time. “It was very fun and enjoyable,” she said.