The Hospitality Center


I went with a group called Night Owls to visit the Hospitality Learning Center and we interviewed Operations Manager James (Jimi) Webb.

First, we took a tour of the Hospitality Center with Jimi. We dropped off our back packs, and then we went to a place called the SENSORY ANALYSIS LAB with several rows of sinks and tissues. This is where they test food for germs.

Next, we went to kitchen number one and looked around. It was a big, clean kitchen called the SPECIALTY FOOD LAB for students to work in. It had a double-sided fridge and next to it there was a freezer that was set at a temperature of 30 degrees below. Jimi said he sometimes works in this kitchen.

And then our last stop was another big, clean kitchen named the QUANTITY FOOD LAB. This kitchen is basically for cooking bigger meals. It also has spots to cook different types of food like vegetables and chicken. Jimi cooks in this kitchen too.

Jimi was born in North California in 1984. Jimi volunteered for the Hospitality Learning Center, but then went to Louisiana to work for someone else. While he was in Louisiana the Hospitality Learning Center called him that there was a spot open. He also got the job because he had good people networking skills.


Jimi started working at the Hospitality Learning Center when he was 26 and is now 31.  His best quote while we were interviewing him was, “Always strive to be better. Nothing is ever perfect and you can always be better.”