Sequel to Pennyroyal Academy Does Not Disappoint


It’s been only a few months since Evie defeated the malevolent witch, Hardcastle, and discovered the true identity of her sister, Malora, and everything is changing. Evie, now hailed as the Warrior Princess, is praised everywhere she goes. Along with the overwhelming fame, Evie finds that her relationship with her friends is strained. But even more stressful than that is the threat of a secret society determined to destroy Pennyroyal Academy—a society of princesses. In the sequel to M.A. Larson’s debut novel, Evie and her friends must pull together through trying times to figure out the truth and save the Academy—before it’s too late.


The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy is a gratifying sequel to the first book in the series. It contains the same elements of action, adventure, and excitement that were prominent in Pennyroyal Academy, applied to a largely different plot. However, if the first book isn’t fresh in your mind, you may want to consider re-reading it. Although there are sections in which the reader is reminded of the happenings of the previous book, there are some key events that are glossed over, and some characters that the reader might not remember.


This novel is a pleasurable read for fans of the fantasy genre. It has a Harry Potter feel to it, so fans of that series will find it engaging. The novel is not a particularly difficult read for kids twelve and older, but it does provide some fun afternoon reading for those not looking for a challenge. Kids under that age will enjoy it immensely, as well.


Pennyroyal Academy was a novel deserving of a sequel, and The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy does not disappoint. It is a splendid sequel, and will be just as enjoyed as the first one.