An Exciting Summer Read


Nick and Tesla’s Solar-Powered Showdown by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith is the sixth book in a series and is about twins Nick and Tesla and their search for their missing parents. Nick and Tesla have been staying with their scientist uncle Newt while their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Holt, who are horticulture experts for the US Department of Agriculture go to Uzbekistan to study revolutionary irrigation techniques for raising soybeans. Nick and Tesla soon find out that their parents are actually working on a top-secret space-based solar-power project. They also find out that their parents are on the run from people trying to steal their discoveries. These people then kidnap them and they have to use science to get out of trouble.
The book also comes with little science projects that you can do. It was very interesting to try them for myself. One important thing that I noticed was that some of the projects required very specific types of parts that were very important to the build. The projects were not too complicated, but you may need some help with parts of them. The projects include a hot dog cooker, ping pong ball signal cannon, a solar powered rover, a solar spy birdhouse, and a sun-activated alarm. Nick and Tesla’s Solar-Powered Showdown was also unique because there aren’t many books that offer both full stories and things you can do at home in them at the same time.
Overall, it was a good book that had a unique feature in it. It was definitely an easy read and is good for kids ages 9+. The project instructions were simple to understand and were really fun. The tough part is convincing your parents that you’re not a secret agent when your shopping list has weird stuff like PVC pipe, solar panels, a birdhouse, and balloons on it.