Going Beyond the Velvet Ropes and Into the Mysteries of the Art World


“Tell your mother to do as we say… or we go to the police.” Southern Gothic by Bridgette R. Alexander is a realistic mystery about 16 year-old Celine Caldwell, who finds herself enveloped in a thrilling case with her powerful curator mother as the suspect. However, it turns out that not everything is as it seems.


Ever since her parents divorced and her mom assumed the job of the main art curator at the Metropolitan Art Museum, Celine was placed dead last in her mother’s life. As an art intern at the Met, Celine realizes that artwork has begun to go missing and all the evidence leads back to her mom. After days of endless work, Celine gets so close to the truth that she realizes the art was linked to an old murder and the killer and thief was the person she would least expect.


This novel was very thrilling and empowering to anyone. It gives a nice message that you can do anything even if people tell you otherwise. The book was intriguing, especially at the end where a plot twist is revealed, but it had more than a few parts where the plot was slow and slightly boring. Also, the wording of the book was sometimes hard to read and understand. Despite it’s downs, the book definitely kept you on the edge of your seats up until the very last moment and the mystery was very hard to solve. I was also able to relate to the book since it is set in the present and all the characters had very strong personalities that helped me visualize the story. There is a small amount of romance but it’s nothing much and doesn’t really affect the storyline. The book was also very detailed and I felt like I was solving the case along with Celine. However, if you are a big fantasy fan, this book is definitely not for you. Make sure to look out for a second book, too, because this book ends with a cliffhanger.


This 310 page book is probably best for ages 12 and up because of occasional cussing and mature, confusing themes. The next time you’re looking for a good book to read, I would suggest Southern Gothic by Bridgette R. Alexander.