Slow, dissapointing story: Not worth reading


The book Every Single Second by Tricia Springstubb, is an uncreative, poor read about a girl lost in a world of choices.

The main character, Nella, is a seventh grader at St. Amphibalus Catholic School. The school is closing and Nella needs to talk to someone about her concerns, preferably Angela, her “secret sister”. But while they used to be close, their relationship has been forgotten now due to a mistake Nella’s father made in the past that Nella didn’t know about but Angela did. Nella’s best friend Clem is more concerned about how to spend the upcoming leap second, an extra second added to the clock. But then Angela’s family comes face to face with a tragedy, and Nella isn’t so sure who she is or which side to be on and she is running out of time to decide.

Although the author creates an engaging summary, this book was not on my list of favorites. It was boring and slow, and the action it did have was not exciting. The plot didn’t start until you are halfway through and after reading the summary, the plot was disappointing.
The way the author split the chapters was confusing; you bounce around from reading about the past to the present. Because of this, mini stories were started and never finished which left me disappointed and confused.

I also felt the characters were not introduced properly. For example, the main character’s real name is Penelope but you don’t learn that until it is introduced halfway through the book. In the beginning she is called Nella, but her parents call her Bella. The characters seemed fake and the author did not put much thought into them. The book is also too religious for my taste which made it hard to read.

I give this book two stars because although I did not enjoy it very much, the author had good description and was good with words. I do not recommend this book, but it would be for ten year olds and up. Younger kids may not understand how the chapters flip from past to present. While kids in this age group may understand the book, they may not find it as enjoyable as it sounds.