Graffiti Empowers Volunteering!


The words community service has many definitions due to the wide variety of things you can do to help out your community. According to the dictionary community service is “voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area.” In order to further understand this idea I went out this week to interview volunteers at the Brush Off Event, here in Colorado.

Brush Off is an annual event that is held to inspire families to not only report graffiti, but also to help take care of graffiti. This event is held by the Denver Partners Against Graffiti to create awareness about what to do if your property is vandalised. Essentially, this event helps emphasize the fine line between graffiti vandalism and graffiti art. Organizer Donna Borrego puts it best, “Graffiti art is when an artist is paid or asked to do graffiti on your property.” The entirety of this event was interesting however, the coolest part was the amount young kids who had tagged along to help out. Fellow volunteer Cassandra Ortiz stated that she feels it is a great idea to get little kids started on this specific volunteer project. Her reasoning was that “This teaches little kids when they paint over it (graffiti) that it is bad.” She also shared that the teen ages should also be encouraged to help out on these project because, “it is often wild teens who do things life graffiti vandalism.” her insight was nice to see as it really shows how new generation involvement in community service projects is so important!

To report graffiti vandalism call 311.