The Cursed Child Release Party


On July 31st Potter fans went nuts over the newest HP book because at midnight they would be holding the long awaited play script! To celebrate the release and Harry’s birthday, Tattered Cover threw a magical party!


Muggles fled to Tattered Cover in their Hogwarts attire to grab the new book. Quidditch was set up outside and The Three Broomsticks were ready to serve up some ButterBeer and chocolate frogs. You could feel the excitement of the many fans all around you. Die hard witches and wizards dressed up as their favorite characters, even Rita Skeeter, a pesky reporter was there and as was the sly Lucius Malfoy. The employees of Tattered Cover went all out on transforming the bookstore into a magical place. There were potions bubbling and the Sorting Hat was sorting people into one of the four houses, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. At King’s Cross station you could take a photo with your Potter glasses and Weasly scarf in the photo booth. As you mingle with Luna Lovegood and make a spellbook, or buy yourself some Harry Potter gear, The clock ticks down to midnight. The crowd died down into an eager whisper as the clock struck midnight, and in seconds people were out the door with the Harry Potter book in hand. “We are thrilled there is a new book” says Co Owner, Len Vlahos “This book is bringing out a whole new generation of fans” This party along with all of the other release parties happening around the world showed just how spellbinding Harry Potter is to so many other people, young and old.