Superheroes of Health Disappoint


Every kid wants to be a superhero, especially kids who have to visit the hospital often due of chronic illnesses. The SuperHealos were designed to do just that: give sick kids the chance to feel like a real superhero while they’re in the hospital. Anyone who’s spent time in the hospital knows that it’s not a fun experience and it can be terribly boring to sit in a room for hours on end.

Since these experiences are stressful for kids, SuperHealos is a product that aims to ease the experience at the hospital by creating kits including books, coloring pages, and even capes for kids.

The books are easy enough for most kids to understand or even read themselves, and they’re also educational so kids can understand more about their treatment and illness. I think a lot of kids would enjoy and relate to the story and parents would enjoy the chance to see their kids laughing and learning. However, the book wasn’t punctuated properly, which made it a little hard to read, but still a fun story. The coloring sheets, which relate to the book, are cool, but you’d want to get your own markers because the ones given wore out quickly and only had 3 colors.

The cape would probably be the most fun for kids, but the instructions for how to color it are not very good. They say that 24 hours after coloring it with markers, you should iron the cape so it retains it’s colors. However, at the slightest touch of an iron (even at a low setting), a hole is burned in the cape, which is not only a mess to clean up, but also ruins the cape. Plus, for kids in the hospital, an iron is probably not easily accessible.

Further, the kit sells for $20 at most retailers, which seems a little expensive for the quality of the product. Even though this would be a hit with a lot of kids in the hospital, there are lots of other ways to cheer kids up and make them feel special without spending as much money for such low quality products.

It really depends on your financial situation, especially if hospital bills are an expense, and your kid’s interests as to whether or not it would be a valuable item to buy. The SuperHealos have a lot of upsides, but just as many downfalls. I wouldn’t recommend it very highly to anyone because it has so many issues, but I can see the emotional good it could do for a lot of kids, so it might be a good thing for some people.