An Emotional Tale Based on a True Story


The book Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes is a book about a homeless girl named Deja. She got transferred to a new school, one that is much better than all of the other schools she has been to. The first subject that Deja’s class learns about is the tragedy that happened on 9/11. At first, Deja is not too sure about her new school. There are many kids that have more than she does and she feels like she stands out. Then, she meets two very nice people in her class that want to be her friend. Deja lives at a homeless shelter and she thinks people will make fun of her for that. Her father is constantly coughing and is having nightmares. He is not happy about what Deja is learning in class so, he considered moving her to a different school even though she has made very good friends and doesn’t want to leave. All throughout the book, Deja is learning new things about New York, her friends, and her family.

This book is an emotional tale based on a true story. It is a sad subject that gets talked about a lot in this book meaning it might not be something somebody wants to read. I would recommend this book for ages 10-14 because of the content of the book. I really like the author’s style of writing because it is very descriptive and she gives a lot of facts about the actual event throughout the book. This book would be enjoyable to young teens that like learning about America’s history and like emotion in the books they read. Overall, Towers Falling is a great book.