A Musical Echo


Three kids get the same harmonica in bad yet some historical situations, they all connect and find joy in this small and uncommon musical instrument. This book is called Echo- a well written, thrilling novel by Pam Munoz Ryan that makes you want to read more.


It all started when Otto got lost on the woods.When his friends didn’t find him, three spirits did from a story. They gave him a harmonica- the harmonica- and sent him home.


Years later, a boy called Friedrich Schmidt in Germany gets the Harmonica.When he plays, it brings joy and the music back into his family- even if it was torn by Adolph Hitler. Friedrich’s sister, Elizabeth became a nurse for the German Führer. Furthermore, Friedrich had a dream to become a conductor, but he knew it would never happen. Sometimes he would hear music and conduct, he would get teased for that, but mostly he was teased for the large mark on his face that he hid. Meanwhile, his family is being separated more than ever. Pam Munoz Ryan put so much detail and heart into the writing of this part, it was so diverse from other stories- and it felt so real.


Two years later, Mike Flannery the orphan in Pennsylvania with a musical talent in a bad orphanage gets an opportunity to get adopted with his brother, Frankie. They are very excited at first, but their new family isn’t excited to see them because of a heartbreaking past.They make a new friend, though and get the opportunity for Hoxie’s Harmonica band. Meanwhile, their ‘mom’ is making a deal. This part was interesting, Ryan wrote it from a whole new perspective.


Ivy Lopez is doing a harmonica song on the radio, but she must move due to a big housing opportunity in the middle of World War Two. Sadly, she leaves her solo and her friends and moves to a nice little farmland house. Ivy’s main duty is to keep a house dainty in order to live at the other house forever. They inspect the property, find some flaws, and make some plans. Soon the day comes where they look at the inside of the house. While Ivy is looking in a closet, she finds a secret door. But what could be in it? In this part I liked how the author made it mysterious and made the reader go on more, the author hooked me right away.


In a decrescendo, Ivy, Mike and Friedrich are in the same concert with Ivy and the flute, Friedrich conducting and Mike the piano for one final note of the connection with the harmonica that was passed down through first shipment, donation, and generosity that brought so much joy to three families.