This Gentle Giant Is a Real Giant


The Disney movie “Pete’s Dragon” is an exciting tale about a boy named Pete (Oakes Fegley) who somehow ends up in the woods and befriends a dragon. The dragon’s name is Elliott, and he has a special ability to camouflage himself. Then the boy is discovered by civilization (after a number of years) and they take him into the local town (Millhaven). They examine him to see if he is hurt and make sure that he is healthy. What they don’t know is that Pete’s dragon is very nice and would not try to harm anyone unless threatened.

One of my favorite scenes was when Pete thought that he scared off a bear. It was actually Elliott, his dragon, that scared the bear away.

The special effects in the movie were extraordinary. I would highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D because there are many times where having a 2D screen would make it a lot less interesting. I loved how Disney made the dragon look very real. The fur, the eyes, the teeth, the wings, and the shape of the dragon – all added up to look like one giant figure that you might actually encounter in a forest in the Northwest Pacific.

It felt like the dragon was in the theater with you. When you saw Pete riding on the dragon’s back, it felt like you were riding on the dragon’s back too.

The plot was very interesting, but it could have been a bit longer and more complex. The characters – some were funny and others were cruel (the villians). I would recommend this movie for ages 7 and up because it might probably scare some younger kids with some of the scenes. The movie is 102 minutes long, but I would have liked for the story to be a bit longer.

I wish that they would have added a bit more detail like when Pete got scared at a hospital and tried to run away. I wish that they would have made it a bit more realistic because although this is a Disney movie, they need to still make it so that it is easy to understand.

Like most Disney movies, “Pete’s Dragon” has a happy ending. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this a 9 because of the awesome animation and the thrilling plot.

“Pete’s Dragon” was overall a very good movie. There is room for improvement and for the most part this movie is worth your money.