New Year and New School on the Horizon!


Dazzling classrooms, heart-shaped cafes, outdoor learning, and a projected cost of $24,719,865 is sure to catch your eye but what really makes this school special? Well, it all started last Fall, when the Douglass community started imagining what the new school could look like – modern and different. The building had some problems and some of them could not be fixed.

This is a new school design for the Boulder Valley School District. In May, Adolph and Peterson (A&P) Construction Company began clearing the back fields of the school grounds and put up construction fences. Both playgrounds and the shade structure were taken down. The new school will be built in this area and is expected to be ready for the start of the 2017 school year.

Students from fifth grade were randomly chosen to give ideas for the new school.
Some of the suggestions included a space for gatherings and performances, an outdoor space as a good connection to the beautiful nature in Colorado that will consist of a garden for students to explore and would provide fresh food for lunch, shaded outdoor reading areas, water features for students to be near on hot days, nature trails for students to walk and connect with nature, and fields for students to play sports.

The inside of the school will have classrooms and “specials” rooms which include Music, Art, Library, and Gym. The building will also have a cafeteria in addition to the heart café for the kids.

What is really cool is that some bricks from the old building will be used in the walls and floors of the new building.

I think that students and teachers will enjoy this new building and I hope they like and treasure and keep alive the Douglass school spirit that began in 1952.

If you are interested in more details about the Douglass Elementary school project, you can go to the project website at: