Funniest Talking Bat Ever


In the book Wing and Claw: Forest of Wonders Raffa a apothecary like the rest of his family. Apothecaries are people who tinker with herbs and then use the things they made such as pastes for healing purposes. One day Raffa stumbles across a wounded bat. He thinks that a vine that his mother once used might heal the bat which he names Echo. Echo is the funniest bat I have ever heard of, well the only talking bat I have ever heard of. So he goes into the forest with his cousin named Gareth to find the vine. He finds it and takes it to the bat. He makes a paste out of it and gives it to him. It heals the bat but also gives him an unusual ability. The ability to speak.But then he finds out that the vine can also hurt. He soon realizes that his cousin stole a little of the vine so he decides to go and warn his cousin about the vine. Once he gets there he runs into some difficulties. Such as going to jail and then escaping. All just to warn his cousin. He also meets friends named Trixen and Kuma.

Linda Sue Park (The author) grew up in a family whose parents encouraged them to go to the library since her father moved to America when he was 19 and was fascinated by the library/ She also wrote a lot of different books some picture books some teen fiction. Some of her books are Seesaw Girl and A Single Shard. A Single Shard is a best seller.


I thought that the book began good but got confusing in the middle. Because he first just starts out as a 12 year old boy living with his family but then he gets launched into a ton of new adventures and meets a bunch of new friends. It is really complicated but then Park explain the story a little more so it’s not as confusing but still a little. In the end it just stops with a cliff hanger and no trace about the next book although it does say it is part of a trilogy. Overall I think that you definitely need to read all three books to get the storyline completely.