Playing Video Games Isn’t Always Bad


“Click Here to Start” is a novel by Denis Markell about a 12 year old boy named Ted, from Los Angeles. His Great-Uncle (whose name is also Ted) passes away, and Ted inherits all of the stuff from his Great Uncle’s will.

The main characters are Isabel, Caleb and Ted. Ted is a problem solver that plays “Escape the Room” video games on his laptop all of the time and never needs a walk through (which is when they walk you through the game if you can not solve it). His friend Caleb, on the other hand, always needs to do the walk throughs, is great at drawing, and loves comic books. Isabel is a smart girl from New York who loves to read and moves to LA for the summer.


These three go on an adventure in LA and use their different talents to figure out puzzles of life, such as finding a missing lawyer, how to escape from a house with laser sensors locking her in, and catching an identity thief.

Ted and his two friends are looking for a treasure that is vaguely mentioned in the will. However what the treasure is was not mentioned, and his Great-Uncle was a hoarder with items in a LOT of places throughout the LA region.

This story was pretty funny because of the character’s personalities. For example, in one scene, Caleb’s parents are divorced, and he doesn’t really like his dad anymore. So now, all of his drawings are of a superhero towering over an old Asian man, and

The book is 310 pages, and it is a chapter book with very few pictures. It took a while to read. I think the author put just the right amount of details and action into this book. It was interesting because every clue led to the finding of another clue.

I would recommend this book for ages 8 and above because anyone younger than that would find some parts of the book to be too intense for them. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this book a 9 because of all the mind puzzles.