Wait for it to Blow Over


Houses smashed. People dead. New Orleans ruined. Katrina was devastating. Ressie and her best friend Anya thought nothing of the hurricane and tossed the idea aside. Big mistake as Denise Lewis Patrick says in the book “Finding Someplace”.


Ressie Boone was turning 13 on August 28. She was finally going to be a teenager. Mrs. Martine, her neighbor, was going to make a beautiful famous coconut cake for the occasion. Ressie was even going to debut her birthday outfit to her family that she sewed herself. Suddenly, the news about the hurricane got worse in the blink of an eye.


August 27, Ressie Boone woke up knowing she was evacuating the city that day. Her uncle was driving her away from the soon to be warzone. Her parents were gone at work. As she waited to evacuate, Ressie helped Mrs. Martine get ready for the hurricane. Now Mrs. Martine thought nothing of Katrina. Thought the worst that could happen was a little storm. The real thing was way worse than it was in her head.


The beginning of the book was kind of confusing because you didn’t know who the characters were and you also didn’t know who was talking. The rest of the book was good and had a bunch of suspense. The book was also really interesting because it showed the feelings and thoughts of Hurricane Katrina through third person. The book did a really good job with explaining Katrina and is a good example of historical fiction. I never knew that Katrina was that bad and the book showed me that. Katrina changed the lives of people in New Orleans.