Eperanza Rising Reveiw


Esperanza Rising (by Pam Munoz Ryan) is an enjoyable,inspiring book for all ages between ages 11-13. Not only that but it features the hispanic heritage in Mexico during the early 1900’s. Esperanza is a young girl with a very rich and vivid lifestyle and her life is absolutely perfect. Then disaster strikes and Esperanza has to move away from the only house and people she has ever known and is off to a long journey all the way in California during the great depression (so you also get a smidget of history while reading this book). Esperanza has trouble adjusting to her new life, and has many mistakes and conflicts with others, and even herself in California, but will she loose hope and just give up on things getting better when things just keep getting worst? Overall this book is kid-friendly. At the beginning there is a small part of violence but after that everything seems to be kid-friendly. I personally enjoyed it because it is very different from other books in its genre. That must be why this book has not earned not one but many awards including the “Pura Belpre” award. So if you like books that are unique and make you want to keep reading and always leaves you thinking about what is going to happen next this is the book for you!