Mirror in the Sky is Out-of-this-World


Tara Krishnan has never felt like she fit in. Growing up Indian in a mostly-white town, she’s always been on the fringe of things. She’s never hung out with the “popular” crowd, but she always had her friend Meg. Now Meg is spending a year in Argentina, and Tara doesn’t know how she’ll survive junior year without her. On top of that, an alternate version of Earth, Terra Nova, has been discovered, along with the fact that on this planet lives alternate versions of everyone on Earth. This startling discovery sets off waves of excitement, confusion, and fear, and will shake the foundation of everything Tara has ever known.


Written by Aditi Khorana, Mirror in the Sky is a gripping page-turner that will leave you wanting more. Will a shocking twist ending that is sure to leave everyone astounded, the novel is composed of several well-developed characters and an excellent plot that is easy to follow while not being too easy of a read for older kids. In fact, this novel would be best for kids 12 and older because it contains some more mature topics, including cults. However, if a parent is willing to explain a few things to their kid, than this novel would be a good read for kids 10 and up, too.

This book would make a fun read for both realistic and science-fiction fans, because it contains both elements. Realistic-fiction fans will enjoy the parts about a girl struggling with friends and love, and science-fiction fans will enjoy the parts about Terra Nova and space. Kids who feel that they have a hard time fitting in will also sympathize with Tara and enjoy the story.


Mirror in the Sky is a mind-boggling must-read that will leave readers in wonder. You don’t want to miss this out-of-this-world novel!