“Face” Vocal Performers


In late August, I attended a live concert by Face at the Streets of SouthGlenn in Centennial. On September 1st, I was lucky to interview Mark Megibow from the band Face. Face is a vocal rock band with 5 performers. They are an “a capella” group. A capella means that they make all the noises in their songs with their mouths, like beatboxing only better. The only tools used to help them sound better are microphones and speakers. There are no musical instruments played during their songs.

Face is based out of Boulder but is internationally known. One of their most famous songs is “How Was the Show Last Night,” which they wrote themselves. Face is actually having a big 15th anniversary concert at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on September 10th.

They love kids — they even go to Denver-area schools and perform for free for fundraisers to benefit the music departments of the schools. Last year they performed at 16 schools and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for those school music programs!

Mark is the vocal percussionist (drummer). His favorite song though is “Bat Out of Hell” by Meatloaf. Mark told me that he loves the spotlight. He has been on stage since he was only 6 years old. His favorite place to perform is in Denver. Before playing the vocal percussion, he played the real drums. Mark says it is easy for him to switch from real drums to vocal drums.

Mark was one of the two original Face players in 2001. The other three members joined about 3 years later.

Face can perform many, many songs. They even sing the Pink Panther theme, which is a fully instrumental song. So you have an a capella band, Face, playing a fully instrumental song. Fun!

There are currently five Face performers. Their names are Mark Megibow, Cody Qualls, Forest Kelly, Ryan Driver, and Stephen Ross. Cody Qualls sings Tenor and directs a singing studio. Forest thumps bass. Ryan also performs tenor. Stephen comes in with the ear-buster high notes as countertenor. You can find more details and upcoming Face concert dates on their website at www.facevocalband.com.

Last year, they went on a European tour through many European countries like Sweden and England. All five singers have this as their full time job.

Face is an awesome singing group, and I recommend that you attend one of their upcoming local concerts.